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In 2009, had printed book Main specialist GID-5 Limonov LG "Automatic electric drives of industrial machinery drives."

  • The book presents the experience obtained by author as a result of years of research, development, design and commissioning of automated electric drives of industrial machinery for various purposes. Considered electric drives differ in that the evidence they have specific requirements mechanisms that go beyond the normal requirements of controlling the speed or torque of the motor. These electric drives are single-engine and multi-engines adjustable electric drives of a continuous strip of material handling in the workshops of hot and cold rolled sheet, which is described in chapter 1. Chapter 2 describes the features of electric drives cold rolling mills. Chapter 3 is devoted to the development of electric drives high reliability and efficiency. In Chapter 4 considered electric drives cranes for various purposes. The main attention is paid to the principles and algorithms controlling the above electric drives, the implementation of which can be carried out with the use of modern technology. Much attention in the book is devoted to the application of variable speed drives with DC converters with digital programmable control and AC drives on an "frequency inverter - induction motor" with the use of a voltage inverter on IGBT-transistors. The appendices contain specifications and recommendations for the use of frequency inverters from Siemens and ABB.

In the ninth edition of the collection of published works by employees of GID-5 PJSC "Tyazhpromautomatica" includes published works, works made on the basis of the development and implementation into production of electric drives and automated control systems for various machines and production facilities, which have been published in various scientific journals in the period from 2001 to 2014. Total number of works placed in the collection - 85, including papers published in 2013-2014:

  • Dinamic values of DC motors
  • Comparison of materials intensity parameters of motor drives for industrial drives
    L.G. Limonov
  • Desining of regulated electric drives for ID fan of steel making production
    Кuznetsova L.N. Limonov L.G.
  • Improving the efficiency of wind power plants
    Y.B.Sokolovsky, L.G. Limonov, A.Y. Sokolovsky
  • Multimotors related eletric drive control according to frequency converter – induction motor circuit
    A.A. Kravtsov, L.G.Limonov, S.V.Potapov
  • On the application of wind power plants
    Y.B.Sokolovsky, L.G. Limonov, A.Y. Sokolovsky